sabato 25 agosto 2012

Good work GW!

Hi all!
Have you seen GW website today? no?
There're the official pictures of the new intro game set for Warhammer 40k! AMAZING MINIATURES! :D

I really like those chaotic miniatures:

venerdì 24 agosto 2012


Dubstep, perfect for mecha painting! :D

Texture :D

Fiuuuuuu finally I finished the texture work on the skin :D maybe I will fix the upper side of the head (the connection with the crest)

mercoledì 22 agosto 2012


Hi all! It's really hot here...hope you like my colour scheme for the skink :D

Do you have ever heard dubstep? If you say no, you must see this video!

domenica 19 agosto 2012

Wip Update!'s my first wip update on this blog! :D
Some of this are projects for Monte San Savino....others are for GD Italy '12! Hope they'll be good!

Yes, they're a bit disgusting xD
The daemon on foot is an Herald of Nurgle. I'm preparing it to be painted soon and it will be a 40k monster (it's really big to be a soldier...higher than a terminator)
And the bust is a project for Monte. It's a strange kind of bust, ahah! But i really like this disturbing and grotesque style!
Hope you like it too!

This is the diorama for the GD! Next you'll have some more explanations, but I can show you the hero of this diorama!

And last but not the least... I really hope to paint this miniature for monte! It's here...on the table. But it's really big :D
Really love this miniature!


Hi to all of you!
I'm Fausto, a young italian painter. I'm so proud to show you my last works, wip and idea!
Maybe some of you remember my other blog "Hit the gobboz". I decide to make this new one to write in English for international visibility.
The best way to paint is to make friendship with other painters all over the world to make exchange of ideas, miniatures, etc :D's some of my last work.

The first one is a Slann, a powerful mage from Warhammer ;)
He's a kind of frog, no?
The second one is an historical bust:
Etienne de Vignolles, called "The Hire" (Vignoles, 1390 - Montauban, 11 January 1443) was a French commander during the Hundred Years War.
He earned his nickname on the battlefield, for violence and anger that made him famous (in fact, anger, the French of that time, meant anger).

The Hire is the Jack of hearts cards in French
La Hire first fought on the soil of Coucy against the Burgundians and the English (in 1418, during the Hundred Years War). Three years later he returned to war and, like all French military's homeland defense in the Battle of Baugé. His skill with a sword made him famous throughout France, in 1427 Montargis siege defenses along the Bastard of Orleans, was then summoned by Charles VII in person, who asked him to participate in the defense of besieged Orleans. La Hire, and accepted, in 1429, left for Orleans. The battle saw the great heroes fighting the French, including Joan of Arc and Jean de Poton Xaintrailles, dear friend Etienne. In the same year, he collected two more victories, beating again to the English at Patay and Jargeau. Barbazan freed from captivity in 1430, Château-Gaillard. In 1431 he went to Rouen in an attempt to save Joan of Arc, a company which failed miserably, because he fell into enemy hands.
He managed to escape and continued war, gaining many successes in Dourdan, in Artois, Ile-de-France and even in Picardy.
His brother was killed Amadoc de Vignolles during the intake of Creil by John Talbot (Spring 1434).
La Hire won the battle of Gerberoy (1435) and, following this, he was appointed captain general of Normandy (1438).
Crippled as a result of an accident, he acquired numerous and severe injuries during his last battles, but despite this, he accompanied Charles VII in Montauban, making him a bodyguard. Here goes the suffering of an unknown illness, possibly severe consequences of injury.
His tomb was a Recumbent Figure (type of tomb that has a statue lying on the front depicting the man or woman who are buried there), which disappeared during the French Revolution.

The last one is a killa kan, from ork range of Warhammer 40k ;)