lunedì 24 settembre 2012

And a big thanks to geo

who is sculpting this AMAZING dwarf!

It will be painted by me :D

Can't wait

Can't wait to share this video

I LOVE animals, especially turtles, dachshound and basset hound

Unfortunately my mother don't want a dog in our house...but when i'll go out to live with Sara, my girlfriend, i'll take one of them (basset hound yuppiiiii) <3

Hermlin wip!

Hi :)

Modena is coming! And actually I have 3 miniatures:
-Diorama (finished, my best model for this year imho)
-whfb single miniature (a fast painted drycha, one day ;) )
-lotr single miniature (some pics are down here)

And still a there're some pics of it! It's a "pimp" wip version of an old miniature

But actually, I start to paint this (I like it a lot!!!) bust!
I gave him the name "Hermlin". Why?
It's a fusion between Hamlin, the rat piper and Merlin, the most powerful mage in history :D

Why this name?
You can know the reason soon!

(but you can also get the answer :D )

martedì 18 settembre 2012

Forgeworld news...

Hi everybody! Hope you like this FW new miniature... it's a bit strange, but imho it's a great base for a scratchbuilt model

sabato 15 settembre 2012

Hi again!
Just want to show you some pics of a base wip for a duel (between a chaos dwarf i painted some months ago and a giant lizard!) for the Gd and a wip pic of some details I'm painting for the diorama.... just to break the jungle colors :D
The dwarf will stay on the top of the brick! And all the base must be mold

Yes sir!

Do you like new miniatures?
Here there are some things you will like :D

I really like this project.... they're my friends :D

So, stay tuned!

PS:really love this one, thanks Fabrizio to share this mastersculpt with us ^^

mercoledì 12 settembre 2012

After the battle (Gondor's Captain) and a little news!

Hi ^^
How are you? Hope fine! Here there's a terrible cold temperature D:
I have to say several things...

First of all a big and special THANKS to my girlfriend Sara! She can make me feel godd and create a kind of paradise in my mind, my heart and my colours. <3
Also a special thanks to ALL my friends and jedicolourmaster: the onibaku's team, matteo, fabrizio, alice, rapaz and all the legiopictorum forum ^^

One of my miniature article is published on GAME FORCES MAGAZINE 27
Yahooooooooooooo :D
I'm so happy and onoured! ^^

So it's all and see....what? Are you waiting for some pics? oooooh, you're right :D

Here you are some pics of my final work!
These aren't final pics (I'll make them after GD Italy) and please note that there's a shadow on the skirt in one of the pics. It seems a spot, but it's a problem from the light :D You can see in another picture that I'm right ^^

I decide to make him after a long battle! I painted him in a clean version... but I saw that the stamp quality wasn't really good (it was in metal...but it seemed stamp in failcast resin T_T) and it seems "ugly" also after the paintjob. So I decide to make him AFTER the battle!
Hope you like him!
The eyes are bigger than the previous wip pictures. The miniature is really really small, 25 mm, and the eyes I made were smaller than 1 mm... and seems more a spot in the white. So I decide to paint some bigger eyes... and you can see them better, also in real life ( it wasn't possible with the previous eyes, only with magnifying glass)

domenica 9 settembre 2012

Here you are some pics of the minas thirit warrior from LOTR range of Games Workshop.
Sincerely, the quality of the miniature isn't really good. It's badly done... full of holes, fusion lines and missin parts (?????????????).
Buuuut luckily it's in metal... not in failcast :D

It's really difficult for me to paint lotr miniatures! And for you? :)

mercoledì 5 settembre 2012


Hi all!
Here you are some pics of the finished diorama (yahuuuuu) :D

But you can see those pics are not really, I'll do some other soon, maybe after Gd Italy.
I always do final collage pics of my pieces after the GD, it's a kind of ritual now :D

martedì 4 settembre 2012

Hi ^^

Finally I've bought my showcase :) There're many of my painted miniatures, future wip and presents from other painters :) Really like it! And you? Maybe you can find there some of my other painted miniatures...

Aaaaaaaaaaaand here you are some wip pics of my LOTR entry for GD Italy '12 ^^

A warrior from minas thirit! He will be in a snowy land...wearing this cloak with flamy colours on it! I like so much the contrast between the fire colours and the snow :)
And you?

Uh, someone wouldlike to see the diorama? Soon, but not now :D But it's finished :D

sabato 1 settembre 2012

Here you are a little collage (I'm not really good with photoshop, but hope you like those pics :D )of my wips....the diorama is ending and the next wip is a LOTR figure! The sculpt isn't so good....but I hope to do it pretty nice :)
Someone can link me a good tutorial to make collage :) ?