giovedì 27 dicembre 2012


Hello! The nurgle hero is finished... or not?

I'be absolutely to found a good wood base that can fix with the model ^^

I'm trying to improve my photo skill! Some lights of the miniature.... pufff, disapperead :D

It's an experiment also for add more colours in the different surfaces :D

martedì 25 dicembre 2012

oh oh oh, merry nurgle xmas :D

Hi all! how are you? Merry xmas!

Here's just a test pic for the nurgle with the new photo box :D

venerdì 21 dicembre 2012

Wip progress :D

Hey, how are you? Hope fine!
I was really busy last weeks.... maybe because Halo 4 comes into my house :D
I'm a really big fan of this game :) Finished it in a week :D
And so many things to do at work, so many presents for xmas.... too many things!

First of all I have to share this for you. The amazing ultra perfect KINGDOM DEATH KICKSTARTER!


I Love them :D

Amazing, just amazing.

Then... wop, I'm a survivor of the maya :D

And some pics of my work. Unluckily all the texture works can't be seen... dammit
The pics are a bit too black :(

Hope you like it :D
I hate the horns :D

domenica 9 dicembre 2012

Hi all ^^
How are you? Hope fine! Today i'd like to show you some pics of my work! finally i'm painting the Herald Of Nurgle!

The pics aren't the best... but actually, with this light, I can't do better :(

lunedì 3 dicembre 2012

Tutorial: How to paint musk!

Hello again!
How are you? hope fine!
This day I wanna show you how I paint musk on my miniatures :)

What you need:
Catachan green
Dark angels green
Camo green
Scorpion green
And another one colour (don't remember the name) but is similar to the dark angels green

heeeere we go!

So, we start painting all the wood with a wash of catachan green and do some glaze on the surface that we feel more umid (under the tree, near the water, on the hidden surface...)

Then, I use some camo green to give some light and saturation of the color. I use an open brush (like in the pic) and some normal glaze to give a slight texture effect

Add some scorpion green (woah, amazing color!) and paint in the same way as before :)

Add more scorpion green, maybe with a small part of yellow!

At the end I use some green pigments. Where you can find them?
I use some chalk! You can pulverize and use in the same way of the pigments ^^
So, it's all!
At this step I work a bit in the cavity of the wood, giving some extra light and some glaze to conform it better with the wood :D
I'm sorry if something isn't good... but I don't do this for work, only passion ^^
Hope you like this article!

venerdì 30 novembre 2012

Here you are some pics of my last wip... i'm a bit bored of this miniature, soooooooo many details on it!
It's for a contest, so let's painting :D

mercoledì 21 novembre 2012

Dreadnought :D (i have to find a name for this one)

And here're the first wip pics of the dreadnought!
He will have his banner (you can see that down here) and the bolter isn't fixed :)
the base is wip ^^

what do you think?

domenica 18 novembre 2012

A little game :D

Here you are some clues of my next work....

Actually I'm working on a SSSSSSSSSECRET BUST. It's another fantasy really "strong", but he looks like this one

It's a fable hunter :D

Soon pics!

Here you are 3 pics. 3 clues of my next work.... what do you think it can be? :D



1+1+1=.... :D

mercoledì 14 novembre 2012

Some pics of MONTE SAN SAVINO!

Hi! Some pics of this amazing event!
Soon i'll write something more, but now the pics :D