martedì 26 febbraio 2013


Why haven't I post something on last days?
'cause I'm also on facebook... so here's the page:

Like it if you want ^^
Some news?

I have finished a new 28mm miniature from GW! Hope to have some better pics soon, very soon :)

domenica 27 gennaio 2013

God job gw!

I really like this two miniatures :D

Hw can you say "no" to this two miniatures? ^^

venerdì 25 gennaio 2013

Mamma mia! Here we go again :D

Hi painter friends ^^

How are you? Hope fine! So much time since my last post :)

I'm painting a seeecret miniature for... sssh, I can't say anything! But maybe I can post this :D

Then, I'm preparing a 40k miniature for painting. It'll be primered soon, very soon :)

And... what else?
Just want to say THANK YOU to Massive Voodoo (amazing blog!) for the link of my blog... thank you, really.
HERE! ^^

And I saw Django! Amazing film!

Some "musica" for you :)

ahahahah, really extreme I know :)

domenica 13 gennaio 2013

Finally some great pics of bunny and demon :D

Here you are the final pics (except the wood plint for the demon, hope to find a right one soon)!
The first one is the Fallout Bunny. I decide to paint this one as a survivor in a post-atomic land.
But in this world, if you're not crazy... you go crazy!
And she's a crazy hunter :D
Just a quick paintjob... a kind of test for some colours ^^

Bunny Girl from "It's Raining Frogs", 45mm

The second one is the (I know that I often posted this one) Herald of Nurgle. The base is an experiment for some new solutions :)
The miniature was a bit hard for me to paint, because Forgeworld's Nurgle miniature are REALLY full of any kind of deatils!
Tell me what do you think :)

                                          Herald of Nurgle, Forgeworld, 28mm

mercoledì 9 gennaio 2013

No more! nurgle and bunny ^^

Bloody bunny.... NO MORE :D

I start to play with Fallout 3 some days ago, and I just fall in love with postatomics :D

It's really funny to paint, not so much time... really good for no stress paint :)

Is really next to be finished, missing one arms and something on the base :D

Hope you like it!!!

And some pics of the nurgle one.... grrr, I can't take some good photos! Why? Can someone tell me how can I do ? ^^
ps: the black wood is temporary

domenica 6 gennaio 2013

Some news... music, a new wip and .... :D

Hello! How are you? Have you spent a good  New Year's  party?
I was with Sara and my parents having some nice day in the mountains :D
Snow, love and fire (in the fireplace! :D) What can you desire more?

So, waiting for a good wood base for the Nurgle Demon... I'm doing this fast & crazy paintjob :D
I'm painting a bloooody bunny!
So much fun with this miniature. Sometimes I decide to paint without think so much.... I really like blood, texture and colours! So, here we have some pics :D

I'm having fun with purple :D Amazing color, you can play it and make so many things ^^
Shadows with: incubi darknes, chaos black
Middle color: naggaroth night
Light with: sunburst yellow, elf flesh, space wolfes grey and white
Bad pics... -.-
(the withe spots are dust, sorry)

Some music for the pics :D :D :D

Ps: and the "and"? sorpresa :D