martedì 30 ottobre 2012

Finished ^^ Chaos Nurgle Lord ^^

Hi all! I want to show you my last scratchbuilt model... A nurgle hero, made from herald of nurgle (from forgeworld), some bitz and some milliput! The base is still wip... Hope you like ^^

lunedì 29 ottobre 2012

sabato 27 ottobre 2012


Absolutely an amazing miniature rom games workshop....really great work gw!

giovedì 25 ottobre 2012

Hermlin, finished

Finally I can show you one of my last work... It's Hermlin, the gladiator!
First of all let me tell you something about this miniature. It's made from a bust (from Pandora Models) and a 54mm miniature ( a worm from Smart Max). 
I really like to paint it... And my imagination tell me about an alien fighting game, with a kind of wizard who can control this monster with an accordion
So no blood on the mouth.... he's a fighter, not an eater :D

Hope you like it!

Flower knight!

Here you are some pics of my latest work.... I'm tryng to enter to wamp forum to post this in the gallery but actually i can't :(
It's for the kingdom death contest :D
First of all a really BIG thank to Matteo Murelli, my master, my jedi, my mentor! He always judge me and encourage

So this is a miniature from my favorite company, Kingdom Death! I decide to change some parts to feel better with it.... And do a kind of Hamlet ^^

This is an experiment for me. I wanna absolutely introduce more colours in my painting and get a more clean style.
Hope you like it!

sabato 20 ottobre 2012

Ready.... go!

Hi all!
Here you are some photos of the 2nd stage of the flower knight, still wip

I hope to finish it for Monte San Savino...what do you think?
And it will also partecipate in a online contest for kingdom death miniatures :D

So stay tuned!

martedì 16 ottobre 2012


I was so unlucky at Modena...I didn't get anything with the diorama (maybe I have to seen the photos of the silver and the gold... in real life I really don't like them) but I learned a lot.
So we have another painting year to improve myself and get some prize :D
I promise you so many surprise ^^

So...the first pic is the base for the flower knight from Kingdom Death range! I love this guys!

And then...a wip pic of my girlfriend FIRST wip! She's really good :D <3

mercoledì 10 ottobre 2012

I can tell you my vision of the story:

So far from here, there's a desert planet where is played a fighting game between monster controlled by a magician (maybe like hamlin, with a flute! or, in this case, with an accordion).
In the back of the monster, on the shirt, there's a number and an icon... like sport team

After the fight the winner stand up for some photos with his coach

Mad max really ispiring me for this, and also dune

martedì 9 ottobre 2012

Hermlin! And Flower Knight 1st wip pic :D

Hi again!
How are you? Hope fine!
This Sunday there's Italian Golden Demon.... I'm so excited about it!
I will bring with me:
- my girlfriend
- a chocolate cake for all the friends (40!!!)
-skink diorama
- isda entry
- a dryad made in one day, just for fun ^^

I want to give you a prewiew pics for the finished bust.... I don't tell you anything now about my interpretation about the story, but I like to read what do you think ^^

And a wip pic of a flower knight base, one of my favorite miniature from my favorite miniature company :D

domenica 7 ottobre 2012

Can't wait!

To share with you some wip pics of the flower  (but maybe autumn°) knight
Hope you like this base, and feel to be in a fable like me... maybe a bit strange :D

My idea is to make this knight a bearer of rebirth of nature in mechanical and desolate land, where at every step he brings life

Hi all!!!

Hi friends! how are you? Hope fine!

Finally I can show you some pics of my latest wip... it's Hermlin! Some post ago i explain the reason of this name!

I have to finish the "rider" and the neck of the bust

Hope you like those pics!

And here's a preview of the next wip! The AMAZING miniature from the Kingdom Death!