domenica 13 gennaio 2013

Finally some great pics of bunny and demon :D

Here you are the final pics (except the wood plint for the demon, hope to find a right one soon)!
The first one is the Fallout Bunny. I decide to paint this one as a survivor in a post-atomic land.
But in this world, if you're not crazy... you go crazy!
And she's a crazy hunter :D
Just a quick paintjob... a kind of test for some colours ^^

Bunny Girl from "It's Raining Frogs", 45mm

The second one is the (I know that I often posted this one) Herald of Nurgle. The base is an experiment for some new solutions :)
The miniature was a bit hard for me to paint, because Forgeworld's Nurgle miniature are REALLY full of any kind of deatils!
Tell me what do you think :)

                                          Herald of Nurgle, Forgeworld, 28mm

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