domenica 19 agosto 2012

Wip Update!'s my first wip update on this blog! :D
Some of this are projects for Monte San Savino....others are for GD Italy '12! Hope they'll be good!

Yes, they're a bit disgusting xD
The daemon on foot is an Herald of Nurgle. I'm preparing it to be painted soon and it will be a 40k monster (it's really big to be a soldier...higher than a terminator)
And the bust is a project for Monte. It's a strange kind of bust, ahah! But i really like this disturbing and grotesque style!
Hope you like it too!

This is the diorama for the GD! Next you'll have some more explanations, but I can show you the hero of this diorama!

And last but not the least... I really hope to paint this miniature for monte! It's here...on the table. But it's really big :D
Really love this miniature!

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