lunedì 24 settembre 2012

Hermlin wip!

Hi :)

Modena is coming! And actually I have 3 miniatures:
-Diorama (finished, my best model for this year imho)
-whfb single miniature (a fast painted drycha, one day ;) )
-lotr single miniature (some pics are down here)

And still a there're some pics of it! It's a "pimp" wip version of an old miniature

But actually, I start to paint this (I like it a lot!!!) bust!
I gave him the name "Hermlin". Why?
It's a fusion between Hamlin, the rat piper and Merlin, the most powerful mage in history :D

Why this name?
You can know the reason soon!

(but you can also get the answer :D )

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